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About Becoming a Volunteer

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Everyone has talents and skills that can benefit others. What are you good at that you enjoy and would like to share with Walnut Creek Village members?

Volunteers are at the heart of what Walnut Creek Village offers our members. By sharing their skills and talents, volunteers provide needed help as well as companionship for our members. In return, volunteers increase their own community engagement, make a significant difference in others’ lives, and feel rich in spirit.

Volunteers of all ages and backgrounds are welcome! You can be a Walnut Creek Village member, the child of a member, a student, retiree, empty nester, a working person, or someone else with the urge to help others.

How You Can Help 

Support Members’ Daily Needs Support Village Operations
  • Fix things around the house
  • Make meals
  • Do laundry
  • Drive
  • De-mystify computers
  • Help with personal finances
  • Run errands
  • Something else?
  • Help in the office
  • Manage projects
  • Fundraise
  • Do graphic design
  • Plan events
  • Help with membership

Do you have a few hours once a month, or more? What can you commit to? Our members need your help. Please complete our Volunteer Application form

To submit your Application: • Electronically – attach and email to: • Via US Postal Service – mail to: Volunteers Walnut Creek Village 712 Bancroft Road PO Box 871 Walnut Creek, CA 94598

Questions about volunteering? Please call us: 925.956.1990 or email: