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You’re Invited! Become a Member of Walnut Creek Village

You’ve heard about Walnut Creek Village. You have explored our website, Walnut Creek Village, perhaps played golf with us at our First Annual Fundraiser Golf Tournament, or attended a Social, a Lunch ‘N’ Learn, or one of our monthly Happy Hours. Maybe you have volunteered with us. Regardless of how you’ve connected with Walnut Creek Village, we are delighted with your interest in becoming a vital part of our community – a member.

Our Service Area

Walnut Creek Village is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization that is member-supported and open to residents of Walnut Creek, Alamo, and border areas adjacent to Walnut Creek that do not currently have a Village. To the east, Walnut Creek Village’s area extends to Cowell Road, which is the border for Clayton Valley Village. Please call us at 925.956.1990 if you have questions about the area we serve.

If you or someone you know lives outside our service area, has no local Village, and would like to participate in our social activities, we invite them to apply to become a Social member. Please see the Membership and Fees section below for specifics.

What We Offer

Our goal is to help our older neighbors to continue living comfortably in their homes while remaining involved in their community. Walnut Creek Village provides resources that support independent living and opportunities to stay connected and included. Please visit our website, Walnut Creek Village, for more specifics about services available.

Membership Criteria

Please read and consider the following criteria for membership to ensure the Walnut Creek Village is a good fit for you. If you have questions please call the Village at 925.956.1990.

  • Must be a resident in the Walnut Creek Village service area

  • 55+ years of age

  • Have a current relationship with a medical provider; have current medical coverage

  • No known major cognitive impairments, such as dementia, unless living with a partner who can provide the necessary care

  • Capable of living independently with ongoing services and support

  • Have a stable environment; living in a residence that presents no known threats to health or safety

  • Willing to provide emergency contact information of family, friends and others; Walnut Creek Village will be permitted to contact them in case of emergency

To Apply For Membership

  1. Download, print, complete and submit the Walnut Creek Village Membership Application from our website: Membership Application

  2. We will review your application and schedule two of our Advisory Committee members to visit you at your home to get to know you and answer your questions

  3. Review and sign the Membership Agreement

  4. Submit your payment via cash, check or credit/debit card

Membership And Fees

Full Membership

Social Membership

All social programs

All service provider (third-party) referrals

All volunteer services

All Social programs

All service providers (third-party) referrals


Full memberships are offered as:

  •  Individual (one person)
  •  Household (two or more persons)

The Social membership is offered as Individual only.


Memberships are annual, beginning on the first of the month in which Application and fees are received. You may pay annually or monthly.




Full – Individual

Full – Household (for couples)

Social – Individual only

Supported Membership*







 *When funding is available for Supported Membership we will offer this option.
**Payable with automatic charge to your credit card
A Charter Membership donation is $1000. The annual membership fee for 2017 is then reduced by $100 if paid in one annual payment.
Membership fees are non-refundable. Exception: If a Full member is facing extenuating circumstances, the Village Advisory Committee will review the situation and make a decision. Social memberships are non-refundable.
All memberships are for one year beginning on the first of the month the application and membership agreement are signed and Walnut Creek Village receives payment. Your membership renews annually on the 1st of the month in which you originally joined. 
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