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About Preferred Service Providers

Preferred Providers are businesses Walnut Creek Village recommends to members who request professional services from local providers. We verify the credentials of these companies before we give out their names to our members.

Why Become a Preferred Provider for Walnut Creek Village?

Every business wants to grow its customer base. As a Preferred Provider for Walnut Creek Village you can bring your business to the attention of several hundred seniors in and around Walnut Creek when they need professional help in your specialty—and at no cost to you. Our service area extends from Walnut Creek eastward to Cowell Road in Concord, and into the surrounding areas of Alamo and Pleasant Hill. 

How this Service Works

Our members can telephone the Village office and ask for up to three recommendations for a preferred professional service. The member is then free to contact these services to determine which to use. The resulting agreement is between the member and the Preferred Provider selected. 

Member Safety and Confidence in Preferred Providers

We want our members to feel confident that the providers we list are companies that are safe to have in their homes and that the work will be of high quality. They will know that we have verified your licensing, insurance coverage, and bonding, if applicable, and that we have checked your references. 

When the work is completed, we ask for feedback from the member so that we have on-going information about the quality of the work performed and the member’s satisfaction to share with other members.

We encourage you to extend a senior discount to our members, but that is not a requirement of being listed with us.

Other Preferred Provider Benefits

We work closely with our neighboring Villages in Lamorinda and Clayton Valley. As an added value, we offer you the opportunity to be on their Preferred Provider rosters as well as ours with no additional action required on your part.


For More Information

Questions? Please call: 925-956-1990

For a Preferred Provider Application, please click here.

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